We Service what we sell.

In almost all cases, we service repairs in our own shop. In the rare case where we cannot, we don’t try. Instead, we have long-term relationships with other experts who we’ll send it to for repair.

In fact, relationships with our vendors and suppliers are measured in decades. We know a lot of good people and good companies. And they help to make Badger’s sales and service departments exemplary.

Services we offer include:

  1. In-store sales counters
  2. Delivery Fleet
  3. Equipment Repair:
    • Authorized Miller and Lincoln Service Distributor
    • Gas Equipment by McKenzie Repair, St. Paul, MN
  4. Cylinder- filling facilities
  5. Cylinder Rentals, Leases, and Sales
  6. Cylinder Hydrotesting
  7. Filler Metals
  8. Welding- Related Chemicals, Consumables, and Tools